Academic Plan

Royal Pioneer College’s Academic Plan emerges as an extension of the Strategic Plan to bring the college’s Vision to life:

Royal Pioneer College will set the standard globally for inspirational and transformative learning.

The goal of the Academic Plan is to provide direction as decisions are made to inspire a leading-edge place of learning for faculty and students alike. The Academic Plan focuses on five commitments:

Academic Plan

A Commitment to Thinking

A deep understanding of how we think enables us to capitalize on problem-solving opportunities through creative and critical thinking. Innovation comes about through curiosity and the investigation of what might be with a willingness to take risks and make connections across a wide array of disciplines.

A Commitment to Global-Mindedness

Global thinkers have a positive impact in the world. Global-minded students think beyond their own context and engage in conversation with others to gain a better understanding of global complexities and possibilities.

A Commitment to a Learner-centred Approach

Current brain research has significantly increased our understanding of how people learn. Key to this is the knowledge that all students learn in their own unique way and need to be engaged for this to happen. They then need to be able to effectively communicate their learning for a variety of purposes.

A Commitment to Experiential Learning

Experiential learning refers to learning by doing. It requires us to ask questions of what we observe and understand, and then reflect on these experiences critically for deeper learning.

A Commitment to Inspirational Teaching

Passionate faculty who live in a growth mindset are exemplary models for students. Testament to this mindset, faculty engage in ongoing professional development, coaching and feedback, with student learning, always, at the forefront. Like the students they teach, they are lifelong learners.