Chairman's Desk

chairman's Desk



Dear Students, Staff, and Parents:

As a Chairman of the Royal Pioneer College, allow me to welcome you to our college.

Royal Pioneer College is not just a building. Royal Pioneer College is not just a group of classrooms with students in them. Royal Pioneer College is not just reading, writing and arithmetic. My definition of the name “Royal Pioneer College” is more of a concept. It is the interaction of different people with a common focus – educating students to their highest level of ability. But the term “education” is not just learning content, facts and processes, but how to be successful in life. At this college we continue to grow and we are proud that we ‘educate our students not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts’.

We are proud that Royal Pioneer College is a dynamic and progressive place of learning, where student choice is at the forefront; the school’s culture is based on the fundamental concept of students choosing to attend RPC.

I am thrilled to serve as the Chairman of Royal Pioneer College. It is a privilege to lead this learning community during a time of incredible change and tremendous possibilities. Our challenge is to embrace the future of the 21st century and assure that our students are properly prepared to become leaders in this exciting new world. In order to accomplish this monumental task we must provide the following: a high level of personalization in every aspect of a student’s college experience, a proud recognition for individual and group accomplishments as well as for diligence and hard work, and, an unwavering commitment to the development of character and civic responsibility in our young people.

We create a caring community of learning and development where cultures connect and individuals matter. Our commitment to excellence in academics, wellness, athletics, creativity, and service contributes to a lifetime of engagement and global competence.

To our students, I ask that you reflect on your goals and strive not only to pursue personal excellence but also to demonstrate your perseverance and integrity. Know that I am here to support and encourage you as you explore different possibilities and grow as learners. Remember that with these opportunities, comes both a personal and collective responsibility to be supportive of one another. I will count on you to go beyond tolerance and treat all members of our community with respect. A school that aspires to greatness can expect no less.

I invite you to visit our campus to experience firsthand our unique place of learning