Our volunteers are vital to the success of our School.

Each year more than 100 volunteers donate countless hours of their time and talent to every part of the College across a diverse range of activities.

Each year, we acknowledge, celebrate and thank our volunteers for their dedication and service. Without our volunteers, many student activities simply would not occur.

Teachers are seeking keen and active parents to lend a helping hand in our day to day procedures as well as taking part in organising special events in our Department. Apart from benefitting the whole Department by saving valuable teaching and learning time for both teachers and students, there are significant benefits to your child when parents or families are active partners of their learning environment.

Non-English Speaking Parents

There are plenty of ways you can help, even if you do not speak English. Please come along and be involved.

Part time / Casual

we welcome any help … if you are a working parent and are only available some days of the week or certain hours in the day, we will work out a timetable where your assistance can benefit the students. Any help is better than no help.

Are you interested in volunteering at R.P. College? The College is always appreciative of parents who are willing to offer their help and expertise in the coaching of teams, or supporting other activities. We are always grateful for parents who have the skill and time to assist us. There are many opportunities in which to help, and it is a great way to become involved in the R.P. College community.